Principles of Professional Practice

Members’ first priority is to serve the best interests of each client.

We will serve only those clients whose missions and objectives we share and find credible and are willing to be open about their needs and finances.

We will candidly assess each client’s unique fundraising potential and make no claims or promises of results unwarranted by facts and informed judgments.

We will serve clients with enthusiasm and energy, making every proper effort to advance their causes and attain their goals, maintaining confidences and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Our goal is to complete each assignment, resulting in full client satisfaction with the immediate benefits, and to prepare the client to secure increased philanthropic support over the years ahead.

Our consultants are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with the client’s volunteer and staff leadership.

Our consultants take an active role in advancing philanthropy through the field of fundraising by teaching, writing, and speaking at conferences, participating in professional organizations and serving non-profit institutions in a voluntary capacity.

We will faithfully follow the law regulating fundraising practices in each regional and national jurisdiction where we serve throughout the world. We also adhere to the codes of ethics generally accepted within the fundraising profession and in particular adhere to those of EUconsult.

Our corporate and professional reward will be the satisfaction of achieving defined objectives on behalf of clients.

Our fees are always prearranged, never commissions or percentages of contributions raised, and fairly compensate member firms for the effort expended and expertise utilized. This does not preclude members from agreeing that part of the fee may be paid as a bonus for successful accomplishment of a range of goals.