Who we are

We are strategic, collaborative, professional and client focussed.  We focus on what, in our professional opinion, helps you maximise your individual goals. In addition to that, there are things that we believe make Brakeley Europe and Partners special.  These are:

  • The partnership offers a solid foundation and years of experience. Its history can be traced back over 100 years to the original Brakeley company in the US.  The UK business was launched in 1987, and continental Europe followed not long afterwards.  Brakeley brought successful methodologies originally developed in the US, and applied and adapted them for European and wider markets with cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • We are international yet embedded ‘on the ground’ across Europe and the US. We are independent consultancies working together in partnership, with genuine understanding of our home countries.  We now have partners in Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and the US, serving clients in over 50 countries.
  • We work closely together and are in regular contact, not only to collaborate on projects, but to share best practice and advice and support each other’s work.
  • Our consultants collectively bring profound expertise across many sectors and specialisms.
  • We create tailored solutions, and we are thorough – understanding our clients is paramount to us. We ask all the questions, even the hard ones.
  • We are principled – we pride ourselves on living our values through our work.

What drives us? 

We work with clients who want us to:

  • Listen and be sensitive to their context, experience and needs,
  • Be honest, realistic and practical in our advice,
  • Be ambitious for them, challenge them to think and act differently to get better results,
  • Encourage diversity of perspective to find the best solution,
  • Make a difference to them, have a positive impact that is demonstrable.

Our aims

What we want clients to say:

“You gave us more than we expected.”

“You understand us.”

“You have enabled us to find solutions and given us the tools to make our own way forward.”